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SFLM -Winter Edition 2018

>>> Under Construction <<<

Updated on 11/05/2017

Hello and thankyou for your interest. First off, to be clear member levels are not profile types. Your profile is simply about how you comminicate who you are to the rest of the members. Membership levels grants you access to various areas within the site. Please keep in mind that this is the new site,  I have new apps and memberhsip ability features I did not have before. Membership level permissions and accessmay change at any time. I will keep members updated in the logs below.


Registered - Free Member:

This membership will give you access to most of the members area link menu on the left panel. This is a read only permission as it does not allow you to do certain things. You can submit articles though.


Supporter Membership = Paid Level:

This membership may slightly be different for each type of profile but it will have some of the same basic permissions.  Some things are;

  • The ability to go back and re-edit your article prior to it's publication.


Update Logs:

As of 11/05/17 (actually earlier) - Recently I noticed that there is an issue with my paypal account due to it being related to an old outdated website that I do not use any more. The issue has not been resolved due to my time constraints.

In light of this the opportunity below is not currently available but I do appreciate you visiting this page. Please instead consider supporting the local arts by purchasing local music recordings and sharing it with friends.