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SFLM -Winter Edition 2018

As of 11/05/17 (actually earlier) - Recently I noticed that there is an issue with my paypal account due to it being related to an old outdated website that I do not use any more. The issue has not been resolved due to my time constraints.

In light of this the opportunity below is not currently available but I do appreciate you visiting this page. Please instead consider supporting the local arts by purchasing local music recordings and sharing it with friends.


SFLM Support Member:

This is a great way to to contribute to the music fanzine and allow us to continue to help support the local music scene in all it's glory. These funds are needed to keep the fanzine operational and allow us the ability to improve and help promote the music makers of the music secne.

Notes: This membership is a monthly subscription membership for12 months but you can cancel at any time. Please allow me up to 24 hours to process this subscription.


The membership will allow you to;

  • View 'Support Member' articles and other information in the members area!
  • Submit articles for publishing of Live Music Reviews, CD reviews, links and media.
  • Be first the in the loop to hear about new live music opportunities and muisc news.
  • Because of your support of the site it is d to offer perpetually growing and I intend tp offer music more interactive capability!