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  • Chris Fitz Band - Massachussetts
  • The Silks - Rhode Island
  • Cold Train = Connecticut
  • One Time Weekend - Connecticut
  • Krewe de Groove - Salem - MA

SFLM -Winter Edition 2018

Welcome! This section is where you will find our live music reviews that were either submitted by a member or a staff-member!

Browse reviews written by our staff.

Recorded Music Reviews - Authored by SFLM Team Members!

Live Music Review - authored by a staff member

Browse music reviews written by our music fanzine members!

Browse our member submited music reviews of local original artists and bands. This category covers pre-recorded music such as media on compact disks, mp3's and other formats.

SFLM Members can volunteer to submit articles. The more articles a member submits,the more social points are earned and so the higher the listing in the category. Higher listings will receive more views. A member may increase the views by sharring his/her article on social media.

If a member is found to be consistent in writing articles and on a timley schedule, the member may be introduced to our staff listing program and may benefit from a share of our advertising revenue. All articles are to be considered completely voluntary and any money earned from our advertising revenue sharing program would be considered as a performance bonus. This would be given out on a quarterly time frame.


Writing incentives; From time to time I will issue a writing contest for either specific categories or all of them. A prize will be rewarded to the top writer of the month .These announcements will be made on our Facebook and SFLM Social Net group pages.

Browse music reviews written by outside professionals and publications! These articles may include links to the main article on another publication.

This section is here for those who are gusts of our music fanzine and who wish to contribute an article and remain somewhat antonymous. At SFLM Fanzine we appreciate all content submissions however your anonymity comes with a few less attributes versus registered members. See below for such attribute short falls;


FAQ's About Non Member Reviews:

  • Member comments are not active in this area. If you want to improve on your writing skills and accept positive suggestions from the community then become a member.
  • Social Links may be inactive.
  • The system's ratings and point system is inactive. Gaining points and user ratings as a member is a great way for your articles to gain popularity and increase your authorship credentials in the fanzine.

This is the place where you will find past live music reviews that have been published during or prior to 2016. Please support our business sponsors, without them as well as our paid member sponsors this fanzine would not be possible.