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SFLM -Winter Edition 2018

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The Band "Girls on Girls" Live at the Days End

in Oxford, MA on May 17th,2014

Girls on Girls! Hmm...? Do I have to explain this? Perhaps I will stay away from the obvious here and stay sexually politically correct. This band kicks ass! For 4 young ladies having been together after 4 months they are pretty tight. Ummm....yeah.  The drummer has great rhythm I also enjoyed the bass player's punctuality on timing thumping her thumb and fingers to the drummer.  Lacey also had a great sound for the room. Some bass players play to loud in this room and given it's acoustic properties, the room is to small to handle the wide low frequency waves effectively. I was glad to see that Lacy had a handle on this as well. Guitarist Tricia Dec plays solid rhythm and tasteful little leads. Lead vocalist Tricia Dec belts out tunes and has a great time performing the songs.
There Facebook page describe's the band accurately as "Girls on Girls covers female fronted groups and bands from the 70's on up to the present"
While I was there, the crowd was a mixed age wise, There was no specific genre that stood out the most. There was a decent number of patrons for the space.and the band was not particularly loud unless you were next to the speakers.

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