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The Band "Bitter Suite" Live at the Days End
in Oxford, MA on November 23rd, 2013
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BiiterSuite at Days End Tavern
Sometimes I go out with a friend with no intentions of writing because I just want to relax. On this particular night that was the case. But then I heard the band do a sound check and they peaked my interest so we decided to stick around for a bit. Then the band opened their first set and the singer belted out a Bonnie Rat tune. Then after a few more equally good performances I decided to get my camera and make good use of it.  



The band was solid,well practiced and went from one song to the next with no interplay in between songs. They stuck to the music and gave their lead singer Jill Restagno plenty of room to show case her vocal talent. Jill has a powerful voice and leads a great team of musicians The Bitter Suite band consists of only 4 members and for some this is all you need to produce a good quality cover band. This takes talent you can't hide behind someone else musicialy, especialy the guitar player. You need to fill the rythm and play the lead then return to rhythm again without a hitch and this guy does it well. He has nice tasteful leads. His rhythm sound is a nice warm tube amp crunch and the leads are boastfully mid range thick with a hint of a cutting bluesy sound. Paul Oday serves up the bass with his solid drummer friend and he also does back up vocals and takes the mic for lead vocals for a few tunes. Paul has been in the music scene through out his life and is a very talented bass player and singer. He has a nice clear Bass sound with just enough mids n highs to stand out and not be to boomy. 

The band performs current hits with a nice mix of classic rock. A perfect night out for anyone from 21 right on up to the baby boomer genre (the sages of the century as Iike to call them). So If your looking to get out and have some fun be sure to look these guys up and join up with their ever growing BitterSuite live music fan club!

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 Surf For local Music Review: Bitter Suite 11/23/2013


 Surf For local Music Review: Bitter Suite 11/23/2013





















































 Surf For local Music Review: Bitter Suite 11/23/2013 Surf For local Music Review: Bitter Suite 11/23/2013

About the Band:
Worcester Area Hottest New Band, Playing all your current favorites

Website: www.bittersuitemusic.com
On Facebook: Click Here
Booking Contact: Click Here

Facebook comments regarding this show:

Mary Jean Dennison

 Mary Jean Dennison
Awesome show always a great time!!!





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