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SFLM -Winter Edition 2017

Updated 11/07/2017:

This is a great opportunity to place your business in front and at the top of our popular music website. Your advertisement will be exposed to New England's live music fans. With over 20,000+ subscribers and growing you will have a great chance of hitting this targeted audience from each banner campaign that you purchase.

Location of Banner: Top of site and shows on most of all pages with the exception of a few

Exposure Details: Your banner is placed in rotation along with our other clients banner ads. Every time the page is visited, a visitor clicks onto a new page or the page is refreshed a new banner will appear.

Advert to website conversion; The banner will be linked to your website page of your choosing. The conversion rates vary from 2.5% to 12%. Local business ads seem to perform better on our site versus corporate ads.

* The banner on this page are not linked and are graphic examples only.


Example of a 468 px wide by 60 px high banner:




Explanation of Rates:

The rates below work like this, If I assign you 1,000 banner impressions for $2.99 then each one would cost you .002 cents per impression. This is a superb deal and it is a great way to build a brand name. As far as the conversion rate, if we were to calculate this at an average rate of 2.5% you would receive about 25 clicks. Your conversion rate depends on various factors it could be lower or higher. it isup to you to experiment with diferent typse of ads, product types and promotional offers to narrow down your best formula for success.

If you are interested in advertising, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me, Glen at Eccentric Musician Company. Send me the appropriate sized graphic banner file in JPEG or GIF and the URL address that you want it to link to. Be sure to become a free member so that I have your contact details and then make a purchase below.

Please only purchase in increments of 1,000 impressions!

1k impressions; $2.99

5k impressions; $14.95

*See my profile below for contact information (only availble for registered members).


After space and reception of a valid graphic adveert file upload send check to:

Eccentric Musician Company

1 Norwood Court, suite 6

North Oxford, MA 01537

Note; SFLM Ban, Advert Rot 5k impr.



Updated on 11/07/2017

You can purchase a static linked banner to be displayed on the right side panel of the website. Most of the website has these side panels the only time they will not show is if the visitor changes his or her own viewer settings but they will view it prior to.

The price is based on current visitor stats and industry standard pricing of static ad space then from there I am discounting. I believe this is a great price for anyone wishing to advertise their local business.

Static URL Linked Advertisment Price:  $15.00 /month

Graphic requirements:

120 pixels wide X 60 Pixels high

Graphic Example:





To make this purchase simply contact me for availabilty (see below for contact information) and then send check to the address below.

Please allow 48 hours to process.

Send and make check to:

Eccentric Musician Company

1 Norwood Court, Suite 6

North Oxford, MA

*Note "SFLM Static RH Advert" 1 mo