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SFLM -Winter Edition 2017

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SFLM News; Hello, Glen here from the Eccentric Musician Co. Publisher of Surf For Local Music Social Fanzin
Welll it a while but the 2017 edition is out. The spotlight article is released, I changed the menu colors a bit, reviewed all of the main menu pages to be sure they represent the current interests.
New things:
  • New Category added- Music in the media for articles repesenting local musicians appearing in the media.
  • New Section added: - EPK Profile Directory!  This is a public access directory. The profiles are short and sweet and to the point.
  • New media module: A weekly Video Pick was added to showcase newly released live videos of local bands.
  • The Transfer of Event Articles to a m the module based internal event directory - This allows me to save time in selecting specific events from the directory to be listed as favorite weekly picks or holiday listings and such. Prior to that I was building the html lay out of each page, then adding the listings by manual data entry. When I save time, it creates time for other tasks.


Here is a run down of the weekly article schedule:

  • Sunday's Jams Article is available on Sundays in the featured section, always available if searched for.
  • The article "Weekday Kick-off  Live Music Jams and Open Mics" is featured Monday through Wednesday, always available if searched for.
  • This weeks live music picks - Has now been automated to make more time for other articles and announcements.
  • This week's live music tweets - This article is always under the editing knife and is realeased when there is enough relevent content.
  • Ask to be an author and submit your article. if you want to contribute but you are not sure about a topic or review, just ask. To get started or to submit an article click here!


About SFLM Mobile Site: The paid service was not working out for the fanzine. I discontinued it.  I will look into a new mobile in house production of the site soon.


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