• Chris Fitz Band - Massachussetts
  • The Silks - Rhode Island
  • Cold Train = Connecticut
  • One Time Weekend - Connecticut
  • Krewe de Groove - Salem - MA

SFLM -Winter Edition 2018

Hello music member, I am excited about this new add on to the website. It is a "lite-free" software version so it does not allow user/member entries. I have to do it. So please do enter your information into the google form and give me some time to place it. As you can see there is a featured listing so I am looking to to give new entries equal time here as long as it take to make an upgrade. The listing is free. All I ask is that you share it on your soical media platforms.


  • If you intend to upload picture files (limit 4) you need to know these Faq's and options prior to filling out the form below. The google form below does not allow file uploads on this site so you can either fill out the form and provide picture URL locations Or email me OR PM me through Facebook Messenger OR use this alternate google form (same one but with file upload) here; https://goo.gl/forms/spGo4ZHEEkZbfTS52