• Chris Fitz Band - Massachussetts
  • The Silks - Rhode Island
  • Cold Train = Connecticut
  • One Time Weekend - Connecticut
  • Krewe de Groove - Salem - MA

SFLM -Winter Edition 2018


I'm a 48 year old Guitar Player from Coventry CT I have been playing guitar Since 1980 I am currently involved in The Peladeau Project with Glen Peladeau as a classic rock acoustic duo.

Your Publisher/Editor:
Owner of the Eccentric Musician Company. I have been involved with music all of my life. I have done sound for many local bands and national recording artists for 26 years. I have recording production studio experience. I also teach guitar lessons and vocal lessons at my music lesson studio in Oxford, MA.Most recently I have started an acoustic duo with an old friend and guitar player. We are doing classic rock covers and originals.

I hope you enjoy this music fanzine, sincerely,

Glen Peladeau
A grungy, yet modern, form of rock that is like a polygamous marriage between Godsmack, Nirvana and Silverchair, producing a child with a little more grit and a lot more swag. - Jennifer Russo..."Pulse" Those Alone is a Boston-based hard rock band evoking the best of 90's grunge, combining poetic lyrics with a powerful rhythm section and soaring guitar leads. Their new EP "String by String" showcases deft songwriting and focused performances, taking listeners through a variety of sonic spaces but maintaining cohesiveness throughout. With a growing audience and a solid EP garnering well-warranted attention, the band is...